YOUNG FAMILIES at Temple Israel


The Avis Foundation was established in June, 2017 through the generosity of Dr. Ronald Avis.

 Dr. Avis is a longtime member of Temple Israel and a man who has always had a vision for the future of this synagogue.   The mission of the Foundation is twofold.  The Foundation makes it financially possible for  young families, with children ( up to the age of 12) to affiliate with the Temple.  The Foundation provides reduced membership costs that increase for  the first six years of membership, culminating in full membership fees at the seventh year.    In addition to religious school, help with paying the Temple building fund, the children are also part of many festival and cultural experiences, trips, and  museum tours at no cost.
  The second goal of the Avis Foundation is to create new leaders who will make it possible for the synagogue to flourish in the future.  This is a very critical part of the Avis Foundation goal.  The parents are offered family experiences and free adult  education classes.
  The families participate in religious services led by Rabbi Michael Howald and Cantor Suzanne Bernstein.
Adult and children’s choirs are offered. 
  For information pertaining to joining the Avis Foundation contact:
Terry Baver.  or
Bryn Biren.