The Sisterhood of Temple Israel


The Sisterhood of Temple Israel is a dynamic group of women who meet for the benefit of Temple Israel and the community.sisterhood  Our Sisterhood is a member of Woman of Reformed Judaism.  We provide an outlet for creative energy, talent, service and leadership for the women of Sisterhood.  Working together, we make the temple, community and ourselves – better and stronger than ever.  We are there for each other and for our members.  We are more than friends, we are family

Five hundred twenty five thousand six hundred minutes

Five hundred twenty five thousand moments so dear

Five hundred twenty five thousand six hundred minutes

How do you measure, measure a year?

(Jonathan Larson, RENT)

As we reach the end of our second year as your Sisterhood Co-Presidents, we ask ourselves a similar question….How do you measure Sisterhood’s Year?

In the number of people who helped prepare foods for our Incubator Grant Food Prep events?

In the people who benefited from our donations to COJO or Project Hospitality or our bi-monthly Tsedakah donations?

In interesting and motivating programs provided at our monthly meetings?

In the amount of cookies, cakes, fruit platters and cups of coffee at our beautiful weekly onegs?

In the number of new High Holiday Prayerbooks we funded?

In new items purchased to keep our kitchen in great shape?

In hours of planning and set up for In the Chanukah/New Member Supper, Tu B’Shevat Event, Passover Community Seder?

In conversations with custodians about correct set-ups for all events?

In pounds of rummage sale items packed and unpacked and then packed up again to be shipped off for further donation?

In Purim groggers and  Simchat Torah flags?

In the beautiful items in our Judaica Shop?

In the delight of our members as they received the most extraordinary and creative Shalach Manot gifts thoughtfully designed by our chairpersons?

In a Chanukah Fair?

In the number of tablecloths laundered each week?

In thousands of cups, plates, utensils we consistently provide for use by our entire congregation?

In the names printed on our annual community New Year’s Card designed by a talented Sisterhood member?

In phone calls and e-mails arranging for assistance with Sisterhood events?

In traditions and rituals we try very hard to uphold at our Temple?

In Shabbat and Yom Tov candles and blessings?

In potato latkes, seder plates, apples, nuts and raisin packages?

In COJO donation bags with labels regularly placed in our Sanctuary?

In bottles of wine and juice for our Shabbat Kiddushes?

In Raffle tickets sold for our fundraising events?

In yards of aluminum foil and plastic wrap used as we prepare meals for Project Hospitality & Shelters?

In the number of students in Confirmation Class pictures we helped frame?

In the number of tables filled with our members as we honor our friends at community events?

In plants and pebbles which filled our terrariums at our first ever “Plant Night”?

In all the Good & Welfare reports sent out to our members?

In stamps for hundreds of mailings?

In the Tanakhs and Torah Commentaries given as gifts to B’Nai Mitzvah and Confirmation Students?

In the number of times the words “thank you” are spoken?

In the dozens of cookies carefully selected for each Oneg?

In money raised at fundraisers to support all that SH does for our Temple?

In the thousands of dollars spent on Journal Ads honoring our members and clergy?

In the steps taken as we walk for together to fight Breast Cancer together?

In the tens of thousands of dollars we donate to our Temple?

In the women who happily pay their dues for next year at our End of Year Dinner this year?

In the writing and reading of the detailed minutes of every meeting?

In pounds of pasta and sauces served at “One Hypnotic Evening”?

In the women who are always there for each other in times of need?

In the arguments that take place because we all care so much?

In the number of opening and closing prayers which sometimes bring tears to our eyes because of our love for our sisters?

In the dues we pay to Women of Reform Judaism?

In the laughter heard at our End-of-Year celebratory dinner?

In SH members who sit on every committee at our Temple?

In the number of hours put into planning a very special Sisterhood Installation Service?

In the thousands of minutes spent in meetings or preparing for meetings or cleaning up from meetings?

In communications between Florida and NY so everyone can stay in touch all year?

In the birthday and anniversary celebrations each month?

In the hours spent in cars driving to temple while schlepping boxes and packages and children and supplies?

In the number of edits of a monthly bulletin article?

In phones calls and e-mails to order kitchen supplies or oneg bakery and fruit orders?

In the time spent preparing budgets and financial reports?

In the polishing of the silver as we ready ourselves for the High Holidays?

In the number of Sisterhood checks written?

In the bagels and salads and pounds of lox and hours spent preparing breakfast for our monthly meetings?

In the careful thought of a nominating committee who works hard to make sure SH will continue to thrive?

In the hours upon hours of time the women of Temple Israel dedicate to making sure Temple Israel is there for us now and in the future?

So, how do you measure a year in the life of the Sisterhood of Temple Israel?

You measure it in love.

Thank you all for another amazing year in the history of the Sisterhood of Temple Israel.

Jodi Siegel & Shariann Ganz