Co-Presidents Message

How does the song go?  “We are Family”. Yes, we are, and after our Family Shabbat, I want to change the tune to read “We are Families”!!! Our first Family Shabbat in December was so well attended.  What a great sight to see so many young families participate and attend this in person service. We look forward to seeing many more families at future Family Shabbats.

This is what Temple Israel is all about…Family and Community.  Our religious and insightful programs encourage congregants to connect with Judaism in spiritual and personal ways.  With antisemitism at an all-time high, now more than ever we need to be united as a Temple.


This past month we made beautiful purchases for family and friends at our Sisterhood Holiday Fair on Dec 4th.  On December 11, we visited the beautiful city of Paris on Zoom with Tour guide Karen Reb Rudman that was sponsored by Sisterhood and the Adult Learning Committee. This past Friday Dec 16th we enjoyed wonderful foods at our Hanukkah Pajamika Shabbat and New Member Dinner. Pamela Rogozin our Sisterhood Co-President shopped and cooked with gusto while her committee comprised of Sisterhood Co-Presidents Judy Lee and Anita Zuckerberg as well as Blanche Ricci, Sue Freedman, Pamela Carlton and Remy Smith worked tirelessly to create lists, arrange seating and set up tables. On the evening of our terrific dinner, we had several congregants who came out to mix, chop, heat up and help serve. Thank you to Rian Silverman, Jackie Rabinowitz, Susie Goldstein, Susan Marks, Sandy Feuerstein, Fern Barris, Rochelle Maltz, Cheryl Levine, Claire Guttsman, Shari Stein-Ballow and Anna Wu.

As I have said before it takes a “Village” and we are the “Villagers!!!!”.Temple Israel continues to need our support.  All these events can only happen if we as congregants become more involved in creating them.

At our Shabbat service that followed our Hanukkah New Member dinner, Rabbi Howald, Cantor Bernstein and our Congregation welcomed returning Members, Jane Adler, Barbara Trilling and Ann Young.

We are also very excited to announce our New Temple Israel Members:

Sarah Lentini and Avi Tuchinsky, Anna Wu, Jessica and Gregg Brown and daughter Hannah, Amanda and Mike Donovan and daughters Aria and Camila, Reva and Lee Brooks and daughters Emanuella, Jude and Shane,

Michelle and Eugene Shaganov and sons Oren and Daniel, Rian Silverman and son Nolan Buono.

We welcome all of you to Temple Israel.

On December 18th, we lit the first candle on our Menorahs for Hanukkah. As I read about in spiritual Jewish teachings the flame of a candle compares to the human soul.  The flames, when lit, encourages each of us to reach higher, and to elevate ourselves.  We as Jewish people perform acts of kindness and humility when in the face of negative external pressure. The image of the lit candles is a reminder to ourselves to find the unique spark inside each of us, and to let it shine out to the world.  Within each of us, and joined together with our Temple Israel family, we can turn a single flame into a community. Let’s continue to celebrate that image in the New Year

Wishing everyone a Very Healthy and Happy New Year.


Sandy Mazzucco

on behalf of Co-Presidents Bryn Biren, Linda Brill, and Felicia Otto