Co-Presidents Message

Can you believe that we have gotten to July? The month of June was so incredibly overflowing with activities that is hard to even remember them all.
What we definitely can say is that our Sisterhood and Brotherhood have lost three very valuable contributors. Shariann Ganz and Jodi Siegel have completed their incredibly long and successful term as co- Presidents of Sisterhood. Jeff wore dual hats, serving as the Temple’s Brotherhood President as well as Treasurer. A huge debit of gratitude goes to each of them. Our synagogue has benefitted from their leadership.
Our calendar year also ended with goodbyes to our student cantor Shirel Richman and her husband, Lincoln. It will be a long time before we find such a talented musical duo. You can definitely be certain that, in the future, we will hear about Shirel’s success in the cantorial world.
It would be remiss if we didn’t thank Rabbi Howald for all that he did for us during a year that was difficult, requiring a lot of flexibility and creativity.
Now it is time to move forward. To say that the coming year is one of female leadership would be an understatement. We welcome Cantor Suzanne Bernstein to a part time cantorial position at Temple Israel. Many of us know Suzanne well from the days when she taught our own children. For those of you who don’t, you will soon discover her heart, her knowledge of the Jewish music liturgy and her ability to engage our children and adults. We will also be welcoming three new co-Presidents of Sisterhood- Judy Lee, Pamela Rogozin and Anita Zuckerberg.
Linda Brill, Felicia Otto, Sandy Mazzucco and I are already meeting, talking and planning for the 2022-2023 year. We are evaluating and re-evaluating protocols that are already in place. We also have some new ideas to put in place in the Fall. In the coming weeks we will be contacting the current chairs of our committees, appointing new chairs to committees that need leadership, and will be working closely with Rabbi Howald.
In a short time you will receive information concerning which of the four of us to contact if you have a particular concern or suggestion. This will maximize the efficiency of our joint Presidency. first and foremost we will be working together to continue to make Temple Israel a Beit T’Filah, Beit Midrash, Beit K’Nesset–A House of Prayer, A House of Study & A House of Community Gathering.
Enjoy a relaxing and joyful July!
Bryn Biren
Bryn, Linda, Sandy and Felicia
Bryn Biren, Linda Brill, Sandy Mazzucco, , Felicia Otto