Co-Presidents Message




It is the time of year when we are preparing for Passover seders, but at the same time, we should be thinking about the meaning of the holiday.  We all know that it is about freedom, and we celebrate a group of people who escaped slavery and persecution. The Jews fled from Egypt to become what they wanted to be. We can demonstrate our own freedom at our Seder tables by asking questions. The seders begin with questions. Our families gather at Seder tables to answer those specific questions each year. However, the seder can also be a place for your own family to ask their own questions. Encourage your relatives and friends to become involved and to feel free at the Passover table to talk openly. This world is filled with technology: I-phones, I-pads, crazy work schedules, school demands. Time passes so quickly and we do not take the time to really discuss things and get to know the people who are in our lives. This is an opportunity. Have conversations.


The Passover story stresses freedom; becoming who we want to be. Passover is the chance to talk about your own spiritual journey. We have many interfaith families at Temple Israel. Moses was raised by Pharaoh’s family and married a woman from a different culture. Passover can be the springboard for a conversation about multiculturalism; about relationships and about the beliefs that make us who we are.


Let the backdrop of the Passover story be one that provides a meaningful event for you and your family.

Time with family flies by – take advantage now.

We wish each of our Temple Israel families a meaningful holiday!

Bryn Biren & Felicia Otto