Life Long Learning

Temple Israel is committed to the idea that Jewish education is a lifelong pursuit.  Our classes are led by congregants, guest lecturers and the clergy presesnting the wisdom and knowledge of our history and tradition as well as the Reform Jewish perspective on contemporary issues.  Programs are planned for the evenings, weekends as well as during the day for the group known as the “Daytimers.”

Educational programming at our Congregation offers opportunities for journey

congregants to engage in a journey of learning and spiritual growth.

Members of all ages are challenged to think, question and contribute

creatively to our common journey.

Reach your destination with our following offerings:

Adult Workshops

Beginning & Advanced Hebrew

Book Discussions

Community Programs

Cultural Events.

Educational Trips

Ethnic Restaurants

Lectures given by Special Guest Speakers

Torah Study

Visit the largest Judaic Library on Staten Island right here at Temple Israel…The Rabbi Kramer Memorial Library with over 3000 books!