E Shalom Bulletin

Temple Israel’s  color E-Shalom bulletin features the latest information on everything going on in our very busy congregation,  Be sure to scroll all the way down, you don’t want to miss any of our exciting news!   

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September 2018    https://conta.cc/2PcKM92

August 2018  https://conta.cc/2M65fLp

July 2018   https://conta.cc/2IANP7a

June 2018   https://conta.cc/2H0fxJL

May 2018   https://conta.cc/2JEE6NT

April 2018 https://conta.cc/2Gjl1Uh

March 2018 https://conta.cc/2tdBW4P

February 2018 https://conta.cc/2FoT6gL

January 2018   https://conta.cc/2E0tHdz

December 2017   https://conta.cc/2ztozMk

November 2017 https://conta.cc/2gXoAnL

October 2017  https://conta.cc/2yJm3BG

September 2017    https://conta.cc/2gjX5UP