Shalom, Welcome to Temple Israel

                 “Shalom, Welcome to Temple Israel…”


is a phrase taught to us by Carole Lachman, a beloved long-time congregant and bulletin editor who died in 2002.  We all work to realize her vision of Temple Israel as a community that welcomes the stranger and lets no one stand alone.  


Perhaps you have been thinking about joining a synagogue. Maybe you’ve just been waiting for the right time to actually do it, when you get married, when you have children, when you need a rabbi, when you can actually afford it.   As you read on, we hope you will see that it’s always the right time to belong. 

Here, at Temple Israel, Jews find or create – what we need to grow closer to our religion, to our culture and to each other.

Members note that Temple Israel provides a “chance to be in touch with our spirituality.”    

“Jewish identity is intricately bound up with Jewish community.  There, the meaning and mission of the Jewish people is made manifest.” 

“By participating in Temple activities, I have come to feel at home here. I’ve made many friends and found serenity…”  

“Temple Israel is a dynamic congregation.  I love the members, they welcomed my interfaith family with open arms and supported my non Jewish partner.”  

“There’s a warm and welcoming atmosphere here.” 

“The Temple provided more than we expected.”  

“The congregation is accepting and responsive to the various backgrounds of new members.” 

“There are so many activities and learning opportunities for adults.”

“Tot Shabbat, the Adult Education programs and wonderful music are what drew us to Temple Israel.”      

“Temple Israel is accepting to the gay community.”

“Temple Israel is our extended family.  The Rabbi and congregants are always there for us.”

 “Temple Israel was there when I needed hope.”


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We kvell as we see a ten year old child dress up as Queen Esther for our Purim Shpiel.  Men and woman discover so much about themselves through the study of Jewish history, the Adult Confirmation program  and weekly Torah study.  Teenagers take pride in membership in our Youth Group and social action programs providing help to the homeless and people in need.

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The synagogue – one of Judaism’s most ancient institutions – continues to provide for the spiritual, communal and educational needs of every generation of Jews.  Each synagogue is unique, with its own distinct character and culture.   We are a center for Jewish living in the community, a house of commmunity, learning and spirituality.

Whatever your children’s ages, whatever your interests, we invite you to find out more about our congregation which is committed to quality life-long education, the preservation of our heritage and the strength and comfort of community.


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                 Best friends are made at Temple Israel.


We extend this personal invitation to you. Renew your connection, come visit.