I / we have the following plates on the West Memorial Wall:

(1) ____________________________            (4) _____________________________

(2) _____________________________            (5) _____________________________

(3) _____________________________            (6) _____________________________

OPTION I.  Relocation to the Newer Eastern Memorial Wall

* I wish to purchase a family panel with the above names (PLUS __ RESERVED slots.)  Please contact me regarding pricing and layout.

* I wish to relocate the above plates (maximum of two plates per family) to a Community Panel on the Eastern Memorial Wall.

OPTION II. Remain on the Current (West) Wall

* Please group all the plates above together.  (They will be grouped in the numbered order above.).  I understand that there will be no family identification and that the location will be set by the artist.

* We wish the plates identified above to remain as close as possible to their current locations. I am aware that the design may prevent them being returned to their exact current location and that they will not be grouped with any other of my plates.

* I have no preference.  The plates will be positioned on the Board by the artist.

Contact information:

Name ________________________________   E-mail: _____________________________



* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Please help us locate families whose loved ones are on our memorial wall:

I suggest you contact:  (name / address / phone) ____________________________________


about (names):  ______________________________________________________________

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