High Holy Days



 Shalom & La’Shana Tovah

The High Holy Days are a time for reflection, introspection, prayer, and re-connection.  We welcome you to join us in celebrating and observing these special Holy days.  We offer a variety of services to meet the spiritual needs of our diverse community

Below is a schedule of our services.







Saturday, September 5

                                 7:00pm Havdalah Service

                                 7:30pm Light Repast

                                 8:00pm Selichot Program 

                                 9:00pm Selichot Service   


Rosh Hashanah

Sunday, Sept. 13                  8:00pm Erev Rosh Hashanah

Monday, Sept 14                  10:00am Hashanah Service (supervised activies for

                                                          young children in the library),

Tuesday, Sept 15                 10:30am Rosh Hashanah Learning Service       


Tuesday, Sept 22                  8:00pm  Kol Nidre Service   

Wednesday, Sept 23            10:00am  Yom Kippur Morning Services

                                              1:30pm  Children’s Service – Open to the Community

                                                             No tickets required –                    

                                              2:30pm  Ark doors will be open for private meditation.

                                              2:30pm   Discussion on the Book of Jonah at the Library                                     

                                              3:30pm  Afternoon Service

                                              5:30pm  Yizkor/Neilah – no ticket required, invite your

                                                             friends. Communal break the fast follows.


Sukkot–remember to order your own lulav & etrog set,  click here for order form


Sunday, Sept. 27                  6:00pm    Sukkot bring a dairy dish to share dinner

                                                                    rsvp Shariann Ganz 718.727.2231

                                             7:30pm    Erev Sukkot Services

Monday, Sept 28                   10:30am    Sukkot Service followed by bring a dairy

                                                                      dish to share luncheon.

Tuesday,  Oct 2                  10:30am     Sukkot Learning Service

Simchat Torah

Sunday, Oc 4                         7:30pm     Erev Simchat Torah Service – Dancing

                                                              with the Torah & our Rock of Israel  Band.

                                                              Consecration of New Members & New 

                                                              Students.  Followed by  Brotherhood’s

                                                              fabulous Ice Cream Oneg.


Monday,  Oct 5                  10:30am      Simchat Torah Service & Yizkor

                                                              followed by bring a dairy dish to share








Congregational Customs and Considerations for the High Holy Days.


 As the High Holy Days approach, we would like you to be aware of how our ushers will be monitoring movement in and out of the sanctuary during services to maintain an atmosphere of prayer and worship.

 As we do throughout the year, ushers will ask that congregants do not enter or leave the sanctuary when the congregation is standing, a silent meditation is in progress, or Rabbi is delivering his sermon.

 And while we do not normally do this the rest of the year, due to the large attendance and full pews, at these services we ask that you refrain from movement in or out while the Cantor and/or choir are singing, so as not to interrupt your fellow congregants’ appreciation of the musical pieces.

 You are also reminded that Jewish tradition also calls on worshippers not to turn their back to the Ark when it is open, or while a Torah scroll is open (during the actual reading).

 Ushers are instructed not to allow entry during these times, as well as holding those wishing to exit at the doors as well.  Of course, exceptions are made for those unable to stand comfortably, or who have an urgent need to leave.

 If you have a child with you, and he or she becomes restless or unhappy, we ask that if you cannot comfort them quickly, that you take the child outside for a few minutes until they are ready to quiet down again.  Ushers will be happy to assist you if you need help with diaper bags, carriages, etc.  Parents are also reminded that ushers do not monitor children who leave the services without supervision.  Their safety remains your responsibility.  Youngsters will not be permitted to remain in the lobby area if they become noisy, since that disturbs those seated near the doors.

Finally, please note that during services, congregants are requested to stay off the patio area. Movement in this area is distracting to those seated near the windows.

We hope that this gives you a better insight into the ushers’ role in maintaining an undisturbed worship experience for our congregants.


The Ritual Committee wishes everyone a healthy and happy New Year.

 Linda Brill and Jeff Ganz, Co-Chairs, Ritual Committee.


Come join Brotherhood as they put up the Sukkah on Sunday, September 30th at 9:30AM.

All families are welcome. Kids make and put up decorations – please feel free to

                                       invite your friends


Your Temple Israel membership includes tickets to our HHD Services.  Nonmembers who wish to attend our HHD Services may purchase tickets at our Temple office.  The cost of the tickets purchased for this year’s HHD Services will be applied to the first year membership dues if you decide to join Temple Israel and submit all necessary paperwork and payment by October 25, 2012.