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     Thursday nights at 7:15 – 8:15pm        

SUNDAY nights 6 – 7pm 


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YOGA CLASSES AT TEMPLE ISRAEL EVERY THURSDAY at 7:15-8:15pm and Sunday (Sunday class free for Temple Israel .members $15 for non members)  6:00-7:00pm in the SOCIAL HALL.    Our social hall is tranformed into a quiet sanctuary by lowering the lights and playing soft, relaxing music.  The classes include stretching, breathing, Yoga mudras (involving the body and hands), aromatherapy,  and shavasana (relaxation).  Students are able to work at their own levels.  It is not too late to join us. Yoga is an on going practice, not a competition.  Bring your friends and neighbors.  Registration takes place each month, there is no registration fee.  The cost is only $60 for 4 sessions. .  You can also pay for $15 for each class as you attend.   Bring your own mat or beach towel.  The physical and mental benefits of yoga are great. Join us to gain physicial strength and greater peace of mind.  Namaste…                    

I*SHABBAT a fun, half hour interactive Shabbat Service for families with young children is on every third Friday of the month at 6:00pm  next class will be on Friday,  October 19, 2018   more info


NO SHUSH SHABBAT a special Shabbat Service for special needs children from ages 4 and older with their families next class will be October  5, 2018 at 6pm, please call 718.727.2231 to rsvp and  see flyer for more info 

Also…join us for Family Shabbat services the first Friday of every month followed by Sisterhood’s scrumptious Birthday & Anniversary Oneg. 

Kabbalat Shabbat are at 8:00pm the rest of the month followed by Oneg. Check our calendar for services with Senior Choir participation.

Welcome families come make new friends – Temple Israel has so much to offer you…free fun filled family oriented events,  tuition free Religious School, etc…’s an opportunity to join Temple Israel at a reduced rate (up to 10 families) thanks to the generosity of the Dr. Ronald Avis Foundation for Temple Israel.  We have lots of great events FREE of charge to our family members coming up in the fall…here are a few:  Culture cooking classes, Robotic Workshops, Nature hikes, Family Yoga, Art Music.  There will also be Saturday Family Shabbat Services followed by brunch. more info


Download our handy calendar of events for October 2018

Download November 2018 schedule here


Oct 14 at 12:30pm CulturEats Colombian Empanadas (2 slots left) for ages 9+ flyer

Oct 18 at 7pm Sisterhood Paid up Dinner flyer

Oct 19 at 6:30pm Shabbat Shalom Dinner – come and join us for delicious Israeli food! flyer 

Oct 21 at 1:00pm The Magic of Music–sing, dance be the music..ages 2-5   flyer

Oct 22 Adult Ed presents Rabbi Gerald & Bonita Sussman “Lost Tribe & Spiritual Seekers: The Quest for Judaism” flyer

Oct 27 STEAM Workshops at the Resource Room (sponsored by the Avis Foundation “Painting with a Twist” ages 5-8 will meet from 4:15 to 5:15pm, ages 9-13 will meet from 5:30 to 7pm. flyer

Oct 28 CulturEats Indian Vegetable Biryani (2 slots left) for ages 9+ flyer

Sun, Nov 4 Family Hike – sponsored by the Avis Foundation flyer

Sat, Nov 10, STEAM Workshop “Exploring the Animal Kingdom “for children ages 5-8 at 4:15pm and “Exploring Solar Energy” for children ages 9-13 at 5:30pm)sponsored by the Avis Foundation flyer

Fri, Nov 16 at 6:30pm Shabbat Shalom Israeli Dinner

Sat, Nov 17 STEAM Workshop “Coding “Feeding TIme” for ages 5-8 at 4:15pm and “Race your Solar Car” for ages 5-13 at 5:30pm sponsored by the Avis Foundation flyer

Sat, Nov 17 at 7pm  BINGNIGHT   flyer       

Sun, Nov 18  LAST DAY to get your name on our Chanukah Card and wish everyone a Happy Chanukah flyer

Sun, Nov 18 at 10am HOLIDAY GIFT FAIR, find that perfect gift for the special people in your life! flyer

Sat, Nov 24 at 7pm STEAM Workshop “Thanksgiving Painting with a Twist” ages 5-8 at 4:15pm and ages 9-13 at 5:30pm  sponsored by the Avis Foundation.

Sat, Dec 1, STEAM Workshop ” Hanukkah Gift Paintings” ages 5-8 at 4:15pm and ages 9-13 at 5:30pm, sponsored by the Avis Foundation flyer

Sun, Dec 2 at noon Children’s Chanukah Party sponsored by the Brotherhood flyer

Fri, Dec  7  Chanukah & New Member Dinner flyer

Sat, Dec 8 STEAM Workshop “Rockets “Build, Design, Engineer & Launch your Rocket” ages 5-8 at 4:15pm and ages 9-13 at 5:30, sponsored by the Avis Foundation flyer

Sun, Dec 9 at 10am to 1pm Sisterhood’s Semi annual Rummage Sale..start saving your gently used clothing, footwear, houseware items, toys, games and help make our Rummage Sale a great success flyer 

Sat, Dec 15 STEAM Workshop “Team Building, Spaghetti Tower Challenge” ages 5-8 at 4:15pm and ages 9-13 at 5:30, sponsored by the Avis Foundation flyer

Fri, Dec 21, Shabbat Shalom Dinner 

Sat, Jan 26 STEAM Workshop “Gummy Bear Challenge: Build and Design your own Catapult” ages  5-8 at 4:15pm and ages 9-13 at 5:30pm, sponsored by the Avis Foundation flyer