Memorial Wall

January 2013


We hope that you have had an opportunity to see our new Memorial Boards on the East wall (Rabbi’s side) of the sanctuary.  To complement the new wall, we are planning to upgrade and renew our original memorial boards on the West wall.  Plans for the revised wall are still in progress.  As part of the process, we will be consolidating plates to eliminate the open spaces between them.  We also hope to expand the size in order to accommodate additional memorial plates in the future.

As we move forward, all the plates will be removed from the West wall while it is being improved.  In order to facilitate the replacement of each memorial plate on the refurbished wall, we are offering the following options:

OPTION I.  Relocation to the Newer Eastern Memorial Wall

a) You can guarantee that your family plates are united by purchasing a family panel and having your plates moved to the Eastern Memorial Wall.  

b) You can relocate up to two (2) individual plates per family to a Community Panel on the Eastern Memorial Wall where they will be grouped together.

(Detailed information and pricing can be found in the New Memorial Wall brochure – contact the office.)

OPTION II. Remain on the Current (West) Wall

a) You can request to consolidate all your family plates so that they will be grouped together. Please note that unlike the new wall, there will be no family identification.  The location will be set by the artist.

b) We can locate some or all of your plates as closely as possible to their current positions.   Please be aware that the design may prevent us from maintaining their exact current location.  This option may preclude grouping other of your family’s plates with them.

c) Plates will be positioned by the artist on the board, if you have no preference.

Regardless of your choice above please keep in mind that this would be a good time to purchase or reserve any additional plates to keep your family (or selected members) together in the future on the current wall.

The complete listing of the plates can be found in the annual memory book distributed at the Yom Kippur Yizkor service or by clicking here:  Memorial Wall Plates.  Please identify your plates by listing them on the Memorial Wall Preference Form along with your desired disposition.  The form is at Memorial Wall Form.    If all your plates are on the new (East) wall, it is not necessary to return it, unless you can help us identify other families as noted below.

In order to continue to honor the memory of former Temple Israel members and their families, please take a moment to read through the entire listing.  If you recognize any names and have contact information, please list their names in the designated space on the preference sheet as well.   Additionally, if you are in contact with any former members who may be interested in purchasing a Family panel on the new wall in order to consolidate their family plates, please share this information with them.

Please return your completed form to the Temple Office (att. Jodi Siegel) by February 28, 2013